Zero 300

Abmessungen wie Aero 300, mit Be- und Entlüftungssystem.


The New Zero range of filler caps has been designed to take advantage of the latest automotive component technology. The filler caps can be supplied as flange fit for mounting directly on a tank or with a flange and 57mm neck for remote mounting. They are available in vented or non vented versions.

A flat and smooth surface should be chosen to successfully install the Aero Filler Cap. Where the filler cap is not in contact with fuel, for example when fitted to the outside skin of a vehicle, it is possible to accommodate a slightly curved surface but care must be taken not to distort the flange by over tightening the fixing screws.
With ‘wet’ installations such as motorcycle and boat tanks, the use of a gasket and sealant is recommended. We recommend ‘Hylomar’ sealant or a suitable equivalent.

The Zero 300 filler cap is available in locking option only. They are supplied with two matching keys.
The flange & flange neck types are supplied with a gasket and a screw nut washer pack.

Flange Type

Flange/Neck Type

Applications Materials
Fuel, oil & water tanks Centre Billet - Aluminium Alloy 6082
Features Flange - 6082 T6
Fixing Holes: 6 x 5 mm CSK Flange/Neck - 6082 T6
Bolt Circle: 76.2 mm 3.00 inches Finish
Weight Anodised Clear/Silver
Z36V: 136g
Z36NV57: 172g All dimensions are in millimetres
Lock & Key Flange/Neck

Zero tank filler caps are operated by a lock and key.

When refilling, the key is retained in the cap and cannot be removed until the cap is replaced.

T The Zero 400 range includes flange/neck versions. The connecting neck is integral with the flange so as to allow remote connection to the tank. All aluminium parts are made from solid billets.
Spare keys are not stocked so it is important to note the lock number which is hidden underneath the decorative cover at the key blade end. Replacement keys can be obtained from any good locksmith. The locksmith will find details of cutting codes listed under "PJ" or "Paul Journee"